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Product No.: KISS620602
Delivery time: 2023 2023
RhB shunting tractor Geaf 2/2 #20602 CHUR
maxon - motors
maxon - motors
maxon - motors


In 2018, the RhB ordered seven new bimodal shunting locomotives of the type Geaf 2/2 from the eastern Swiss rail vehicle manufacturer Stadler Rail. The seven locomotives ordered in 2018 with the road numbers 20601 to 20607 were put into operation in 2020 and stationed at the Landquart, Untervaz-Trimmis, Chur, Ilanz, Thusis, Davos Platz and Zernez train stations. For the first time, Geaf Lokomotiven dispensed with an internal combustion engine and relied on battery technology to also operate powerless sidings.

In order to be able to perform shunting movements on non-electrified routes, the locomotives have a lithium-ion traction battery. With battery operation, the top speed is halved and is still 40 km / h. The power on the bike is limited to 200 kW. The battery is charged with recuperation energy via the contact line or when braking. The MGB is getting a similar vehicle with the Tea 2/2 801.


Kiss realizes the model of the RhB Geaf 2/2 and the sister Tea 2/2 801 of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway in an exclusive and limited number as an exclusive handicraft model completely made of metal. It is driven by two Maxon motors on each of the sprung axles.

The model is equipped with a digital sound decoder with energy storage, so that even long routes can be driven smoothly at slow speeds. The service lighting and the LED carpet that illuminates the vehicle all around at night are implemented with long-life LEDs.

The RhB variant Geaf 2/2 20606 as well as the MGB Tea 2/2 801 are additionally equipped with an imitation of the automatic coupling (without function), with the MGB version structural differences are taken into account.


Equipment features

• Brass handcraft model, limited number with certificate

• Single axle drive, ball-bearing and spring-loaded

• 2 Maxon motors

• Wheel tires made of stainless steel, ring-insulated

• Spring buffers

• Original rocker coupling can be exchanged for 2m standard couplings

• The latest generation of digital sound decoders

• Warm white SMD LED

• Red taillights

• Servo-controlled pantograph drive

• Cab lighting

• Driver's cab door can be opened

• Highly detailed driver's cab interior

• Train driver figure

• Minimum radius 600 mm

• Weight approx. 3.2 kg

Technical changes reserved

operating manual - follows

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date of delivery 2023

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