Art. No.: 0006-0035 - 64mm Fcs gravel wagon

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Product No.: 0006-0035
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64mm Fcs gravel wagon
64mm Fcs gravel wagon
64mm Fcs gravel wagon
64mm Fcs gravel wagon
Art.No.: 0006-0035  DR 00 50 645 2295-5

THE Original
In order to be able to transport fuel goods effectively and safely, gravel wagons were produced in large quantities. Mann gradually tried to standardize one and the other. This is how the "Fcs 6451" was created. This type was built in the mid-1950s in large quantities by Deutsche Industrie-Werke AG in Berlin-Spandau. Of this type, four examples are still available today at the Harz narrow gauge railways. They serve as gravel containers (on trolleys) and are used in track construction work. The loading then happens at the Unterberg plant near the Eisfelder Talmühle.

In a similar form, thousands of Fcs gravel wagons have been put into service throughout Europe over the years. They then also travelled to almost all railway companies in Europe. Even today there are still many Fcs gravel wagons. The Fcs wagons were and are also to be found at the narrow gauge railways. The Fcs gravel wagons were often guests at the Harz narrow gauge railways. Both on trolleys and on the modern Vevey trolleys.

A great deal of emphasis has been placed on the exact implementation as a model. We converted the wagons again in 1:22.5. The model is made of high-quality art. The car approaches the valid Lane II standards. The model is equipped with stainless steel tyres. Ball bearing axles ensure the best handling. Buffers and axes are spring-loaded. The model can be retrofitted with exemplary screw couplings from our range (Art. 0006-0102).

The model is developed as a loader for the roller blocks (o.a. Art. 0005-0201 and 0005-0301). This allows you to completely revive the roller bar traffic in the model. The appropriate roller bar pit can be found under art. 0005-0001.

A frequently asked question: "How high is the model?"
- Normally positioned on 64 mm track, the distance between rail top and top is 17.0 cm.
- Jacked up on our trolleys, the distance between the rails and the top is 18.3 cm.

We recommend to use this model on arched tracks with a radius of 120 cm or more.

Pre-Order until 01st of September 2021
Delivery - 4th Quater 2022

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