30492 Pullman IIm, RhB Diesellok Schöma Tm 2/2 long, 119 RhB, orange, Ep VI

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Product No.: 30492
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30492 Pullman IIm, RhB Diesellok Schöma Tm 2/2 long, 119 RhB, orange, Ep VI

To modernize the shunting operation, the Rhaetian Railway RhB ordered ten diesel-hydraulically powered shunting tractors from the German manufacturer Schöma. The vehicles are very similar to the 420 CT 4H, which RACO purchased from 1991. The RhB handed over the Schöma tractors between 2001 and 2004 as Tm 2/2 with track numbers 111 to 120. The first four two-axle vehicles manufactured by the manufacturer as type DFL-250 DCL are driven by a six-cylinder Cummins diesel engine KT-1150-L with an impressive 317 kW, which transmits its power to a three-speed converter transmission. In the last six tractors designated as CFL-250 DA with road numbers 115 to 120, the engine developed 324 kW. Among other things, these locomotives have a longer overall length due to a modified cooling system. The locomotives are stationed at larger train stations such as Thusis, Ilanz or Davos. With a top speed of 60 km / h, the tractors can also prove themselves in front of light freight trains and handovers in the route service and swim with them on the predominantly single-track network more easily than their predecessors, which only had a speed of 50 km / h. An eddy current brake that works almost to a standstill enables wear-free deceleration. The radio remote control, with which the predecessor locomotives 85 to 90 were still equipped, was dispensed with.

Drive on both axles by a powerful five-pole mid-engine

    LokSound 5 XL decoder controls all driving, sound and light functions

    Smoke generator with steam output synchronized with the LokSound

    Two digitally switchable clutches for realistic maneuvering

    Large loudspeaker for unadulterated sound enjoyment

    All-wheel power take-off

    Spring-loaded axles (with a pendulum axle on one side) for safe power consumption

    PowerPack energy storage for uninterruptible power supply

    Stainless steel wheels

    Robust construction largely made of brass and metal

    Open-plan steps

    Prototypical headlights

    Driver's cab and driver's desk lighting

    Fully equipped driver's cab

    Minimum radius of 600 mm that can be driven on

    Length over central buffer 346 mm (long version)

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