Item. No. 45926 - RhB Container Transport Car

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Product No.: L45926
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Item. No. 45926 - RhB Container Transport Car
Item. No. 45926 - RhB Container Transport Car
RhB Container Transport Car

On most railroads, a large part of the freight service is currently done with containers. The same is true of the Rhaetian Railroad in the Grisons. Since the same containers must be loaded on this narrow gauge railroad as on a standard gauge railroad, a special type of car was necessary. The load surface is lower between the trucks so that a car with a loaded container does not exceed the clearance gauge. In addition to containers, these cars can also be loaded with transport frames, such as for logs, which can be transferred complete either to standard gauge cars or - for the last few kilometers or miles to the destination – on a semi-truck rig. There are different types of these cars, chiefly in the location of the hand brake. On a single car, a hand brake crank is mounted on the brakeman's platform, on other cars a large hand wheel for activating the brakes is mounted on the side of the car's frame.

This is a model of a Rhaetian Railroad type Sb-t container transport car. This is the version of a car with a hand brake wheel on the side of the car. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. The car is loaded with a refrigerated container for the Rhaetian Railroad. The car has metal wheelsets. Length over the buffers 71 cm / 27-15/16".

All existing LGB containers can be loaded on this car.


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