Pullman 30149 - RhB-Railcar ABe 4/4 III Nr. 54, Hakone

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Product No.: 30149 Pullman
Delivery time: 3rd Quarter 2020 3rd Quarter 2020
Pullman 30149 - RhB-Triebwagen ABe 4/4 III Nr. 55, Hakone
Pullman / ESU Neuheit 2020
Pullman / ESU Neuheit 2020

Between 1988 and 1990, the Rhaetian Railway RhB procured a total of six modern ABe 4/4 III railcars from the SLM / BBC manufacturer consortium to modernize the locomotive fleet, the Bernina Bahn Line operated with direct current. Because of the numbering from “51”, the cars are referred to as “50-unit railcars” or in the Pus’ciavin dialect, more melodically than “Motrice Cinquanta”. The TW III are the first RhB series vehicles to be equipped with the latest thyristor technology and have an output of 1016 kW, and they reach a top speed of 65 km / h. The performance gain compared to the predecessor vehicles ABe 4/4 II theoretically enables 1.5 times the greater trailer load. During an acceptance test, a single motor car ABe 4/4 III accelerated the entire Bernina Express in the 70 per mile ramp from Poschiavo towards Ospizo Bernina. In regular operation, the railcars are handled more gently and the trains are often even covered in double traction. The maximum permitted trailer load of 140 t is not exceeded. Incidentally, double traction can also be used mixed with railcars of the 40s generation, which has become rare today, or a Gem 4/4. The vehicles are used in front of the world-famous heavy Bernina Express trains as well as regional, freight or service trains. Occasionally, the powerful railcars are also traveling solo. In the passenger compartments, 16 people in 2nd class can be seated comfortably in 2 + 2 seating, in 1st class there is space for 12 passengers in 2 + 1 seating with increased legroom. The RhB did not install an air conditioning system.

• Structure and frame made of weatherproof plastic • Multi-colored interior  • Multi-colored driver's cab with train driver figure  • Separately attached handle bars and steps  • 2 Bühler motors  • Ball bearing axles  • Drive on four axes  • LokSound 5 XL decoder for DCC, Motorola®, M4 and Selectrix operation  • Independent registration at control centers with RailComPlus® or mfx® functionality  • PowerPack storage capacitor for uninterruptible power supply  • 50mm loudspeaker with large sound capsule for maximum sound enjoyment  • Digitally raised and lowered pantographs with ESU servos  • Digitized original sounds  • Sensor-controlled noises when cornering  • Direction-dependent light change 3 + 1 with warm white LEDs, headlights on the train side can be switched off  • Direction-dependent light change 3 + 1 with warm white LEDs, for operation in double traction, front lights on each side can be switched off separately  • Cab and passenger compartment lighting can be switched separately  • Brake sparks when braking  • Passable minimum radius = 600 mm  • Length over buffers = approx. 690 mm 
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