KISS 600402 - BR 99 591 - condition 1998

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Product No.: KISS 600402
Delivery time: Pre Order 2020 Pre Order 2020
KISS 600 401 - BR 99 5903-2 - condition 1973
KISS 600 401 - BR 99 5903-2 - condition 1973
KISS 600 401 - BR 99 5903-2 - condition 1973
Color: Black
Brakes: Saugluftbremse
Lamps: electric lamps 

All 4 axles driven, ball bearing and suspension     
NEM wheel tire made of stainless steel, ring-insulated with elliptical spokes    
Belt drive, ball bearing     
2 Bühlermotoren     
All axles powered    
Current consumption across all axes    
Balancierkupplung, movable and convertible to 2m hook coupling (this is not included)
Sandfallrohre in wheel level    
Smoke chamber door to open   
Leaderboard doors to open   
ESU Digital and Sound Decoder of the newest generation
Warm white SMD LED   
Prototypical lighting, red tail light, switchable
Cab Lights    
Flickering lighting of the firebox
ESU smoke generator, synchronously clocked smoke from the chimney  
Engine driver and heater figure, enclosed   
Minimum radius 780 mm     
LüP: 394 mm   
Weight approx. 5.5 kg

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