LGB Art. No. 26271 - HG 4/4 - Gear steam locomotive

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Product No.: 26271
LGB Art. No. 26271 - HG 4/4 - Gear steam locomotive No. 701 - black
High end exclusiv Modell
LGB Art. 26270 - HG 4/4 gear steam - hand pattern
LGB Art. No. 26271 - HG 4/4 - Gear steam locomotive
No. 701 - black

Item Description:
Model of the gear steam locomotive HG 4/4 No. 701 of the DFB (Steam Railway Furka-Bergstrecke). Enemy-detailed model in heavy metal construction with many attached details. Drive with a high-performance engine, all traction wheelsets driven by coupling rods. Gear operated on LGB racks 10210 also powered. The gear engine now runs when, if the locomotive runs on a rack and pinion track. Doors to the cab and smoke chamber door to open. True to original livery and lettering of the era VI, as the locomotive is in use today. Equipped with a mfx / DCC decoder with many light and sound functions such as headlight, cab lighting, driving sound, reed switch triggerable whistle and much more. Driving sound also functional in analogue mode. Built-in smoke generator with radsynchronem steam ejection as well as cylinder steam, steam at the exhaust of the vacuum brake and steam emission at the pipe when it is operated. Length over buffer 40 cm

- Gear engine runs when the locomotive drives the rack track
- mfx / DCC decoder
- Light function
- Sound functions
- Top light
- Driver's cab lighting
- Driving sound - digital
- Driving sound - analog
- Whistle triggered by reed contact
- Smoke generator with radsynchronem steam emission
- Cylinder vapor
- Steam at the exhaust of the vacuum brake
- Steam on the pipe, when pressed

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Both exclusive models of the steam locomotives HG 4/4 are limited to 399 pieces!

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