36364 Panorama Wagon BEX, Pullman IIm, RhB Bp 2502, red, Ep VI

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Product No.: P36364
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36364 Panoramic Wagon BEX, Pullman IIm, RhB Bp 2502, red, Ep VI
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36364 Panoramic Wagon BEX, Pullman IIm, RhB Bp 2502, red, Ep VI

For the famous Bernina Express, the Rhätische Bahn RhB had 26 panoramic cars built in two series. Compared to the previously built for other routes car, the Bernina cars have a 3.2 m lower overall length. It created nine first-class and seventeenth second-class cars, which enjoy great popularity with the passengers. The Pullman model has, depending on the model either SIG-90 bogies with replica of the coil springs or Stadler SSL bogies with imitation the air suspension on. The current is taken off each individual wheel, which is why the standard digital decoder is reliably powered at all times. In addition, there is still a power pack storage capacitor on board. Thus, the standard interior lighting shines even on dirty outdoor tracks always flicker-free. The Epoch VI models faithfully display illuminated target displays in the sidewalls.

All models have the following features:
- Model elaborate printing including the floor
- different seats in the 1st and 2nd class
- epoch-compatible bogies SIG90 with coil springs or Stadler SSL with air suspension
- Bogies with three-point bearings
- Current collection over all wheels
- built-in interior lighting with integrated digital decoder and PowerPack
- Extensive lighting functions can be switched or set
- Illuminated destination displays for the Epoch VI versions
- first as APi version
- drivable minimum radius = 600 mm
- Length over buffer = 680 mm

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